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Small Paintings

Hopi Dancers 8x6 framed

Hopi Dancers 8x6" framed acrylic/canvas

Gourd Dancer 10x8 framed

Gourd Dancer 10x8" framed acrylic/canvas


Friends 10x8" framed acrylic/canvas

Duo, 10x10" acrylic/canvas

Dancers, 8x10" acrylic/canvas

Trio at Sunset, 12x12" acrylic/canvas

Horsemen 102, 6x8 framed 17.5 x 19.5"

Horsemen 104, 6x8, framed 17.5x19.5"

Horsemen 106 6x8, framed 17.5x19.5"

Splendor of Winter 16x16

Splendor of Winter 16x16" acrylic/canvas

Scout 12x6 framed

Scout 12x6" framed acrylic/canvas

Forest's Edge, 14x14" acrylic on canvas

For pricing call 505-471-0558, 505-670-5133 or email
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