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Large Paintings

Reign of Color, 72x96" acrylic/canvas

Blue Mirage 60x72" acrylic/canvas

Below the North Rim 60x72" acrylic/canvas

Earth Embracing the Sun 48x60" acrylic/canvas

Red River Reflections 48x72" acrylic/canvas

Red Sky Riders 40x60" acrylic/canvas

Dream Warriors 60x60" acrylic/canvas

Spirit Journey, 68x80" acrylic/canvas

Colors of Autumn, 48x48" acrylic/canvas

Riders in the Mist, 72x48" acrylic/canvas

Mountain Ride, 48x60" acrylic/canvas

Crown Dancers, 72x36" acrylic/canvas

Spirit Trio, 60x30" acrylic/canvas

Snow on the Sangre de Christos, 48x60" acrylic/canvas

For pricing call 505-471-0558, 505-670-5133 or email
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