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Medium Paintings

Heading to Winter Camp 30x60" acrylic/canvas

Autumn Snow 36x48" acrylic/canvas

From Where the Sun Stands 40x30" acrylic/canvas

Stormy Night 48x30" acrylic/canvas

Blazing Sunset 30x40" acrylic/canvas

Sitting Chief 30x40" acrylic/canva

River Ride, 36x48" acrylic/canvas

Winter Storm 30x40" acrylic/canvas

Mystic Warriors 40x30

Mystic Warriors 40x30" acrylic/canvas

Trail at Sunset 40x30" acrylic/canvas

Ancient Riders 24x48" acrylic/canvas

Glory of Sunsets 30x40

Glory of Sunsets 30x40" acrylic/canvas

The Fugitives, 24x24" acrylic/canvas

Warrior 48x24" acrylic/canvas

Break in the Storm, 30x30" acrylic/canvas

Heading Home 24x48" acrylic/canvas

Glow of Winter 40x30" acrylic/canvas

Rain at Sunset 30x40" acrylic/canvas

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